The AFIP increases the interest rates: in a week it will be more expensive to owe it to the treasury

The AFIP increases the rates of reimbursable and punitive interest as of July 1 as a result of the application of the provisions of the Treasury

In fact, the rates corresponding to the July – September quarter come with a significant increase of 1% average, taking into account that they currently stand at 3.76% for reimbursement and 4.61% for penalties.

We remind that Resolution 50/2019 of the Ministry of Finance established that the current monthly interest rate in each calendar quarter will be the effective monthly equivalent to 1.2 times the nominal annual rate of the electronic channel for fixed-term deposits in pesos at 180 days of the Banco de la Nación Argentina in force on the 20th of the month immediately prior to the start of the aforementioned quarter, indicate from the Blog del Contador.

In as much the monthly punitive interest rate will be the effective monthly equivalent to one 1.5 times the annual nominal rate of the electronic channel for fixed term deposits in pesos to 180 days of the Argentine National Bank in force on the 20th of the month immediately preceding the start of the referred quarter.

In addition, the aforementioned resolution empowered AFIP to publish the aforementioned interest rates at the beginning of each calendar quarter on the agency’s website.

Therefore, the new interest rates that the AFIP will charge for paying out of term the taxes charged to it are those indicated below:

Finally, it must be taken into account that for the cancellation of the obligations whose maturity would have operated prior to the entry into force of this resolution (March 1), the current regimes must be applied during each of the periods they reach.