AFIP extended the presentation of the DDJJ until July 16

The Administration informed this afternoon that it decided to extend the presentation of the affidavits of the taxes on Personal Assets, Profits and Minimum Presumed Income until July 16 to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations by the citizens; cable clarify that the payment date will not be postponed.

In as much, the affidavits for the employees in dependency relation will be able to appear until the 24 of July.

In this way, the scheme for both taxes will be as follows:


0. 1, 2 Y 3                      HASTA EL 16/07/2019                 Hasta el 19/06/2019, inclusive

4, 5 y 6                           HASTA EL 16/07/2019                Hasta el 21/06/2019, inclusive

7, 8 y 9                           HASTA EL 16/07/2019                Hasta el 24/06/2019, inclusive

The decision was communicated this afternoon in a meeting at the Organism with the President of the Argentine Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences (FACPCE), Dr. José Arnoletto, who attended on behalf of the Professional Councils that integrate it.