Three tips for companies that expand their operations to Latin America

In today’s global economy, more and more multinational companies have taken advantage in Latin America over the low costs of operations and real estate, the increase in talent and the expansion of the economies of the region.

Here are three considerations for organizations that will expand operations to Latin America:

1. Risk Tolerance For multinational companies, it is very important to define their risk tolerance before moving forward with their operations in Latin America.
2. Mobility in the Workplace The long transfers to an office in Latin America, in addition to the cultural opposition of working in a remote place, causes challenges and considerations for multinational companies seeking to operate in the region.
3. Technological Infrastructure Technological infrastructure is one of the most important elements when considering an expansion of operations to Latin America. While the wireless Internet system in many countries in Latin America is increasingly reliable, technological infrastructure in multinational companies should consider Internet security until the digital infrastructure matures.