Assignment of Private Sector Workers – Executive Power Decree 665/2019

On the day of the date, the Decree of the Executive Power 665/2019 was published in the National Bulletin by means of which the payment of a non-remunerative allocation of $ 5,000 for employees in relation to dependency of the Private Sector is established.

The assignment must be paid in October 2019 or in the terms, fees and conditions established by the signatory parties to the Collective Labor Agreements in the exercise of their collective autonomy.

It is also established that the amount paid hereby will be compensated in the next salary revisions and that employers who have granted, unilaterally or by extraordinary agreement, other increases on the income of workers as of August 12, 2019, they can compensate them until their concurrence with the total sum of the assignment.

Public workers at all levels (National Provincial and Municipal) are excluded from this Decree, as well as the workers of the Agricultural Work Regime and the Special Work Contract Regime for Private House Personnel.