AFIP will extend the expiration of transfer prices until December

The Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) would extend the date of presentation of transfer prices by 2018, the same expires the first week of August, but at the request of the Professional Councils it may be modified.   The agency has to issue a resolution to specify the changes in the tax reform in the presentation of documentation on transfer prices, in international transactions between related companies, with branches, with low or no taxation countries and with commodities.   After the changes, the forms will be submitted online, online.   The presentations will correspond when Argentine companies import or export triangulating with an intermediary abroad, if there is an economic or corporate relationship between the parties, the condition of the intermediary must be analyzed, in order to demonstrate that it is not only used to make a profit out of the country.   More info > > +54 115277-8000/4809-3225