AFIP regulated and launched the digital multinote

The service called «Digital Presentations» is implemented to electronically make presentations as an affidavit.

The AFIP regulated and launched the digital multinote.

This is established in General Resolution 4503 published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette.

All the taxpayers will have discharged the service with which they will not have to carry out any additional procedure to use it. As of now, the corresponding list of operations is available on the «Digital Presentations» microsite of the agency’s website.

Previously, the «Multinota» could be completed online, but then it had to be printed and submitted to a dependency of the AFIP. On the other hand, with the new format, the procedure is 100% digital.

The requirements to access the «Digital Presentations» option are: a) Have a Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT), Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL) b) Have a «Fiscal Code» with level 2 or higher. c) Possess Electronic Tax Domicile.

In a first stage, the service will be available for the following presentations: Payment plans; modification of the administrative status of the CUIT; change of year end date; retroactive reduction of taxes or regimes; and tax executions.

Then, it will be enabled for the rest of the presentations. In this way, the AFIP deepens its strategy of digitizing most of the procedures so that citizens pay their taxes in a more agile and simple way.

In this regard, it is worth remembering that the «Tax Code Portal» now works, a new entry tool to the AFIP website and, in addition, that the Facial Recognition service has already been included in the «My AFIP» APP. a new option to generate and recover the fiscal key with security level 3, through the cell phone.

As a result of this strategy of facilitation of procedures, since January of this year, 48% of the CUIT and 71% of the tax code registrations were managed in a completely digital manner. On the other hand, taxpayers can also process the CETA for the sale of motor vehicles through the web, without having to go to the agency in an agency.


Specifically, the new standard implements the service with Tax Code called «Digital Presentations» to electronically make presentations and / or written communications as an affidavit, within the scope of the General Tax Directorates and the Social Security Resources of this Administration. Federal.

The list of the presentations and / or communications in respect of which the «Digital Presentations» service will be available, with its corresponding authorization date, will be published in the microsite «Digital Presentations» ( ) of the AFIP website:

In a first stage, the use of the aforementioned service will be available for the following presentations and / or communications:

The functionalities and specifications of the «Digital Presentations» service are as follows:

To make the electronic presentations, you must:

a) Have a Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT), Unique Code of Labor Identification (CUIL) or Identification Code (CDI).

b) Have «Fiscal Code» with Security Level 2 or higher.

c) Possessed Electronic Tax Domicile.

The presentations and / or communications made through the service «Digital Presentations» must meet the requirements, terms and conditions that the specific rules have established for the processing to which they refer, except in the aspects specifically related to the presentation of documentation in a personal way before the dependencies of the AFIP.

In the event that the presentations and / or electronic communications imply the beginning of a term for some procedure and these are made on a holiday or non-business day, said period will start to be counted from the first following business day.

When the presentations and / or communications made electronically contain errors or omissions that do not allow the analysis or treatment of the same, this situation will be reported through a communication in the Electronic Tax Domicile.

If applicable, new digital presentations or complementary presentations may be made to correct the errors or omissions incurred.

The presentations and / or electronic communications will be sent to the corresponding AFIP area for processing, issuing the corresponding acknowledgment of receipt that will be notified in the Electronic Tax Domicile.

The monitoring of the management status of the presentation and / or communication made through the «Digital Presentations» service may be carried out through the same service.

The «finalized» status of the digital presentation will be communicated in the Electronic Tax Domicile.