Let your financial statements help you make decisions.

As businesspersons, we take the approach to using your balance sheets not only to meet reporting purposes but also to improve your company. Our service is based on the professional soundness of our team and the application of an audit approach and methodology that are in line with the quality standards of the major audit companies in the world.

The team of Fidem Partners has vast knowledge and background of local, international (IFRS) and American (USGAAP) accounting standards.

Our purpose in providing this type of service is not only focused on following established processes. We intend to add value, spotting improvement opportunities that may be useful for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Financial statements auditing. 
  • Budget and projected financial statements auditing. 
  • Internal control and procedures auditing. 
  • Anti-Money Laundering Auditing. 
  • Forensic auditing. 
  • Accounting expert reports. 
  • Statutory Audit and Surveillance Committees. 
  • Special reports required by controlling entities. 
  • Accounting certifications.